About Gary

Gary embarked on his journey into the world of Massage therapy in 1993. He graduated with a 2500-hour Associate Degree in Massage Therapy from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

With over three decades of clinical practice under his belt, he has performed an astounding 50,400 massage treatments, specializing in deep tissue therapy.

In 1994, Gary took his expertise to the next level by undergoing postgraduate training with a renowned teacher from Vancouver.

This marked the beginning of his relentless pursuit of excellence in the field. For six years, he dedicated himself to a professional study group, honing his skills and deepening his knowledge of deep tissue therapy.

Gary's passion and commitment led him to develop a groundbreaking three-day, hands-on continuing education program known as "Schweitzer's Deep Tissue Therapy Workshop”.

This workshop stands out with its strong emphasis on postural alignment and movement and features six foundational techniques.

This system of deep tissue therapy has been battle tested and proven to reverse occupational strain symptoms for the practicing Massage Therapist and provide a valuable, effective, and less painful treatments for the clients they serve.

Since 2000, Gary has taught over 4,200 Massage Therapists across North America and Europe through this transformative program.

He lives in Kelowna with his wife Pia and his son Andreas.