What Graduates of my Workshop Have to Say...

“My first workshop with Gary Schweitzer irrevocably changed my approach as a therapeutic massage therapist.

The efficient body positioning and delivery of pressure from my own center of power, combined with the elimination of stress on the delicate finger joints made so much sense compared with the techniques I’d learned in traditional massage school.

The techniques were presented so clearly, and the workshop was so immersive that when I returned to work the following week, I couldn’t even remember how I’d worked before!

My clients immediately noticed an increase in the intensity and an improvement in the consistency of my pressure.

I was able to take on a heavier case load with less wear and tear on my hands. I quickly established myself as the go-to therapist for deep pressure at the sports clinic where I worked. I received feedback that while my pressure was intense, it was tolerable because of the technique I was using.

After studying the Schweitzer Method at an advanced level, my level of enjoyment and satisfaction at work improved even more. I was newly equipped to approach the client from any angle and use the techniques in creative ways.

I am now in my 14th year of therapeutic practice and recently opened my own mobile massage business.

I was fortunate to have nearly 100% client retention from my 13 years in clinical practice, and my business continues to grow solely through word-of-mouth referrals. My work is strong, consistent and high value. I credit Gary Schweitzer for giving me the tools to have a long career as an assertive massage therapist.”

Deanne Underwood RMT

“My name is Ellen M. Thorsen. I am a Massage Therapist from Farsund, Norway. I finished my basic education as a Swedish Massage Therapist in 2010. In September 2016, I attended Gary Schweitzer’s three-day Deep Tissue Therapy Workshop. Since then Gary’s techniques have been the foundation of my work.

I am now able to work long days without any occupational strain symptoms. The techniques are highly efficient in treating various muscular dysfunctions and pain profiles while at the same time my clients find the treatment very comfortable and relaxing. I can easily adjust the pressure to suit a wide range of clients, from athletes to the elderly.

With these techniques, it seems to fill a much-needed gap between the physiotherapist’s, efficient but often painful manual therapy and the Spa’s comfort massage – where I in fact can offer the best from both of these options.

Gary is also an excellent teacher. He is clear, methodical, thorough in his teachings, skilled and dedicated to his work. He has cut away all the ‘fluff’ that is common in massage-technique – all that is left is what really works, so that you can achieve great and above average results.

In my opinion, Gary’s Deep Tissue Therapy techniques should be part of the basic educational program for all Massage Therapists. I am sure that this would help our great profession to attain the standard and recognition it deserves.

I would highly recommend Gary’s three-day workshop to anyone wishing to lead a successful and long-term career as a massage therapist without becoming patients themselves.”

Ellen Thorsen MT

“This has been such a valuable course. My struggle with posture and technique in clinic has changed completely. I am now able to use techniques that are more effective and efficient without causing me pain. I have learned so many tips and tricks that it makes it much easier to focus on my work and not on my posture or biomechanics.”

Mariya Prostsiv RMT

“I arrived with pain and injury in my dominant right wrist and M.C.P. joints. On the second day, I felt some soreness and pressure on my right hand. By the third day of deep tissue treatments, I could work pain free.

My posture was corrected, and the pressure was coming from the bending of the forward knee. The techniques I have learned are protecting my wrists and back. I can now work deeply without hurting.”

Regan Laframboise RMT

“Gary’s workshop was informative. It made me more aware of how to utilize biomechanics for a safer, more effective treatment. There were many useful techniques learned which will be implemented into my practice.”

Ruth Szerepi RMT

“This class was very eye opening. After the long days, my low back and neck were not sore at all. I am used to being sore after a day of work. The class was specific and straight forward. I really enjoyed taking the course and it will be an asset for my new practice.”

Lauren Speaker RMT

“With pain before we started but after two days, I felt pain free and by the third day it felt like I have been doing it for

a long time.”

Daisy Paule RMT

“I am so happy I took this course. I am so tired of looking for something to take and not find anything of interest. I confess I was ‘credit surfing’. After taking the course, I believe that everyone would benefit from it. New grads, old timers like me and everyone in between.

Gary is an awesome teacher and for the first time in searching out QA creditable courses, this was all about the therapist. It will keep me and anyone else who takes this busy and pain free in the process. Am I gushing? Truth.

Thanks again.”

Sherry Hallson RMT

“I emailed Gary begging and pleading for a workshop in Halifax even though he was supposed to be retired, he agreed to come. And I am so thankful he did. I have only been practicing for a year and I was starting to notice how exhausted I was at the end of my day.

I want to make sure I have a healthy and long career as a Massage Therapist. After the workshop, I’ve noticed I have a lot more energy at the end of my day and I’m not in discomfort or pain. The workshop is a very hands-on comprehensive training that will provide you with a foundation of deep techniques that will save your body from the common injuries of deep tissue work.

I strongly recommend this course to any Massage Therapist looking to have a long healthy career, while still providing a very deep non-painful treatment to your clients. My clients are in less discomfort during our treatments, it is not painful for me and my schedule is always full. Thank you again Gary!”

Cleo Tetrault RMT

“An excellent and well thought out course! Very valuable in extending your treatment life as a RMT. Gary effectively teaches you how to use your biomechanics to save your body from ‘wear and tear’ and at the same time use your body more effectively and efficiently to provide the depth you need in your practice.”

Mario Aniceto RMT

“As a Massage Therapist, this course made me realize two things: Firstly, anatomy is the foundation of my profession and a greater understanding is constantly needed to better my skills in this profession. Secondly, greater knowledge would lead to a more accurate and focused assessment, which in turn would develop a specific treatment plan for each client.

The depth of this course pushed my anatomical knowledge; made me realize that massage therapists should not focus just upon muscles and ‘relaxing the client’, but every aspect of anatomy. I know I will constantly be resourcing this course, for my clients.”

Julian Scott-Brown RMT

“This workshop was very informative and very well taught. I enjoyed Gary’s teaching style and found it to be easy to follow, and it was done with knowledge, experience and humour. This was my second time taking the course and I found it easier as well as reinforcing my knowledge of the techniques.

I would recommend this 3-day workshop for all therapists, no matter where they are in their career.”

Stephen Biollo RMT

“I’ve practised massage therapy for over 16 years, and I KNOW I owe a lot of that to studying with Gary Schweitzer early in my career. His techniques have helped me prevent injury to my body from doing this work, and I’ve sustained a thriving practice for much longer than the regular life span of many massage therapists.”

Sarah Valeos LMT

“My name is Matthew Ellis, and I’m a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) working in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. I have been a self-employed RMT for 11 years and have accumulated approximately 16,000 clinical hours to date. My work has taken several turns in that time but Deep Tissue Therapy has remained a cornerstone of my Practice.

Several years ago, I was beginning to find the grueling hours (7 Clients per day, 5 days a week) and caseload to be a physical burden on myself, with back, neck and shoulder pain finding their way to me during treatments and after work as well. I was starting to wonder about my longevity in this industry, and with a young family, was understandably concerned.

Then I found Gary Schweitzer, and his Schweitzer’s Deep Tissue Therapy Course. His focus was not only on deep, effective treatments and techniques, but also proper body mechanics for the Therapist, which myself and the rest of the participants in that course were lacking. Following completion of the workshop, I immediately found an enormous reduction in the strain I felt during treatment, as well as an increased focus on individual muscle release and more depth than I had been able to work with previously.

My Practice is currently enjoying a 6-month waiting list and my treatments are as efficient for my Clients as they now are for myself. I have more freedom to enjoy my increased fitness and my children as they grow. I would highly recommend Gary’s course for anyone who is looking to help themselves while they help others, or to maintain or increase their longevity of Practice.

Thank you so much Gary!”

Matthew J. Ellis, RMT